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APOLLO MEZZO SOPRANO, Ever since 1975, when we realised that lifting a speaker also lifted the quality of the sound, Apollo hi-fi furniture has set the standard, The Apollo Mezzo range successfully combines the best of our technical expertise with exquisite good looks, All engineered to give you maximum performance and flexibility, The 44mm diameter spacers can be assembled easily to form a rigid shelving system,with a choice of 7 different heights between shelves: 93mm, 138mm, 183mm, 228mm, 273mm, 318mm and 363mm, You are supplied with optional carpet piercing spikes or adjustable glide feet or castors, Any number of shelves can be assembled up to a recommeneded maximum height of 1.5m, with your heavier companants at the bottom, Mini and midi versions are available as well as the av and hi fi sizes, You can hear the difference whenever hi-fi is placed on Apollo furniture, The sounds is clear and unimpeded by vibration, We’ve applied the same innovative thinking to all kinds of other hi-fi supports, And we’re still developing and refining our designs today, Dimensions: 800mm (width) x 400mm (depth), This cabinet is supplied with three shelves: 1x based pack, 1x 228mm shelf and 1x 183mm shelf

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Available Colors: 4901780918942

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